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Canada - Ontario - Barrie

Spiritual ReadingsReadings are offered as a way for you to connect with loved ones who have crossed over. The reader serves as a 'bridge' between this world and the 'other side'.

With the help of his Spirit Guides, Alan will invite those who have departed this life (friends, family members, or loved ones) to make contact with you, through him.

During the reading, Alan will ask those who come through to provide evidence of their survival, and he will convey any messages they wish to communicate to you.

Readings also allow for the reader to 'enter' into your energy field and to discern aspects of your life journey. Sometimes cards may be used upon request.

Readings may be booked for 1/2 hour, or 1 hour, according to your needs.

Fee: $40.00 per hour

Please contact Alan at: alan@relaxintowellbeing.com

Visit his website at: http://www.relaxintowellbeing.com

1-877-67RELAX (1-877-677-3529)