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UK - London (Romford)
Natalie J Vickery <njvickery@live.co.uk>

Natalie a working Medium for over 30 years, gracing many Rostrums in many churches and centers throughout the UK as well has having over 30 years experience with Private readings, and has read for hundred's of people including Politician's,Actors, Boxer's and Pop Stars

Tarot, Spiritual, Psychic and Trance readings available, group sittings available for trance. Evenings of Clairvoyance available for group bookings

Natalie who is an Experienced Registered Spiritual Medium, which means that she is able to link with your loved ones from the spirit realm obtaining evidence of their continuous Living Spirit. (Consciousness)A private reading normally lasts aprox 60 minutes. In using the Tarot cards, to ascertain aspects of your life past and present.Highlighting issues within your life for which guidance may be given. Then links with the living spirit, a connection with a loved one is made. (thought to thought). Always aiming to ensure that you are in no doubt who the contact is, by giving you specific evidence, characteristics & personality traits of the spirit communicator. The communication has, guidance or a message to help you on your earthly path usually based on the sitters current life issues.It is important to remember you have free will and should make your own decisions in life and not depend on the spirit realm to make them for you. Some sittings are extremely emotional for the sitter and just the evidence and the presence of the communicator is enough for them to perhaps move on with their grieving process.At no point will Natalie advise you, or the spirit communicator advise you, as to what exactly you should do. The aim is that you are given choices, both sides of the fence so to speak, and if there is a situation or issue from the past, that effects your present, which will affect your future, this will be brought to light.

Disclaimer for Private Readings:

This reading is a form of experiment; no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. The medium is not here to tell fortunes but to try to give evidence of survival which may include a glimpse from spirit as to the overall situation of the individual at that particular time. He/she can only give communications received through his/her own spiritual connection.

If it becomes clear within the first ten minutes of the reading that a satisfactory communication has not been established, then either the medium or sitter may terminate the reading and the fee will be refunded. After this point the sitter is deemed to accept that the sitting is satisfactory. The sitter may see or hear things which they may not have experienced before; if they feel they may be vulnerable they should leave now and the fee will be refunded. The sitter certifies that he/she is not aware of any medical or psychiatric condition which might affect his/her interpretation of the reading and that he/she is voluntarily seeking these services for him/herself and assumes full responsibility for the outcome.