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UK - Lancashire - Chorley and Leyland
Amanda Potter

After studying at University for eight years, Amanda graduated with two degrees in Psychology. She then achieved advanced qualifications in Hypnotherapy and Hypnohealing and now successfully helps many people with their problems and issues.

Amanda can communicate directly with the angels and provides individual soul readings to many impressed clients. She links with spirit guides and angels during a reading using the energies of crystals and gem stones. Wisdom and advice is offered by the client's guides and angels helping them to better understand their current situations, problems and relationships.

These readings are also empowering and healing experiences, as they allow clients to see 'the bigger picture' and with this new perspective they can continue on their journey through life understanding implicitly that they are loved, protected and supported by their spiritual team.

Also: Regression Therapy and Past-Life Regression Therapy are very interesting and effective healing techniques that Amanda uses during sessions of hypnotherapy.