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UK - Lancashire - Blackburn
Val Williams, MSNU, DSNU, C.M.H., C.Hyp. (UKGHE)

Private Readings, Regressions, Assessments.

I have done private readings (or sittings) for over 25 years, always establishing contact with loved ones in the Spirit world. I have a great love for my work and stress that I am NOT a fortune teller I merely pass on information from the Spirit communicators.

Private sittings are conducted in order for the world of Spirit communicators to give to recipients exactly what they feel is needed sometimes emotional closure is the reason, sometimes the spirit person wants to give ways of the recipient knowing they are still close, for example by talking about present conditions and sometimes help and guidance is given everything being the means of Spirit proving they are continuing their soul journey and can interact with the loved ones they have left behind.

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