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UK - West Sussex - Petworth, and by EMAIL
Pat Peacock

Pat Peacock has been a Spiritualist Medium for over 30 years. She is President at Chichester Christian Spiritualist Church.

Pat offers Clairvoyant Readings (including by mail and email), and runs Development Circles, Seminars and Workshops to promote Spiritualism, a spiritual way of life and provide proof that life continues after physical death.

She also conducts Church Services, Naming Ceremonies, Weddings and Funerals, and she has written two books also available as e-books ("My Search for Truth - Suddenly the Sun Shone" and "How to Re-Create your Life - You can do it"), two booklets ("A Guide to the Development of Mediumship" and "An Introduction to Spiritualism"), and created a Meditation CD for Beginners (see books and CDs page).