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UK - West Sussex - Horsham
Tom Hartmeyer, Physical and Trance Medium

My main interest is physical and trance mediumship, which I think is the most optimal way of communication that we are able to receive at the present time. I have had the opportunity to sit in sťances with several physical/trance mediums over the past 15 years, and have written a number of articles for the press, both in Sweden and England, and have a good experience of holding lectures about the mediums of the past and present, especially on physical and trance mediumship. I feel this experience has left me with a good knowledge of the disciplines and safe practice needed in a home or open circle and so I now run circles for channelling, trance and physical development from home.

As Sussex Healers, Jan and I are both keen to use our ability to channel healing and welcome people to come to see us. I am particularly very interested in animal healing, so if you feel that your pet needs some extra help, you are more than welcome to contact me.