Mediums Nearby

Rebecca Anne LoCicero

I have been intuitive my whole life. It has been my choice to share this gift and ability with others as a Psychic Medium for the past 14 years, working with clients worldwide. The knowledge of the afterlife has been a fact I have faced, experienced and enjoyed. Working as a medium has been both a joy and healing to all my clients. I believe being a medium is a beautiful and spiritually fulfilling experience. Currently, I am wife and mother of 3. I am writing and focusing on furthering my education believing "acceptance through knowledge leads to enlightenment.

As an author, I have been featured in Qi magazine, The Door Opener, Hartford Magazine and many other online magazines sharing insight about spiritual communication through a medium, healing, mediation and more; additionally I have been sharing my views and messages on Public Radio and television. I currently holds certifications in a variety of energy healing techniques such as: Psychic Surgery, Reiki M/T, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Shamanism, and Laying of the Hands. I also believe that above all these modalities there is my pure connection to God and that through the Holy Spirit there lays my intuitiveness and accuracy.