Mediums Nearby

Laura Lynne Jackson

Laura Lynne is a psychic medium. In the course of her work, she has learned many things from the other side. Perhaps the most important is that we are spiritual beings in human form. The greatest power we possess is the power to love. It is this love that connects us all – from the Earth plane to the spiritual plane. Anyone we love is linked to us by unbreakable bonds that transcend time and space; love is the strongest bond that exists.

Our loved ones who have crossed over to the spiritual plane are never lost to us – they are still around us… surrounding us and encouraging us to discover our life’s path and purpose, and grow to our full potential while here on Earth. Often times, they will send us signs to remind us that they are close by and that they love us. The other side tells Laura Lynne that there are no accidents. Each experience and each individual you cross paths with offers you an opportunity to learn and grow. You have the power to influence and change the world. Love is the force that can accomplish this. You may think you are just one small person on a big Earth, but your life has a purpose; there is a reason you are here…and it is always about learning to love and help each other grow…