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USA - Nevada - Reno
Laura Peppard

Laura's intent and fulfillment is in assisting others' in discovering their own truth. A lifelong student and lover of metaphysics and psychic actualities, she is a gifted guide to lead one to their own spiritual information.

Laura is the Founder and Director of the Reno Psychic Institute, which has provided meditation classes, clairvoyant and trancemedium training in the Reno area for over 13 years.

She is also the founder of The Church of Inner Light and past publisher of the Cosmic Ground Newspaper.

Laura is the author of the book "Desert Pearl Psychic Views" and "Journey to Yourself" DVD Meditation Series.

Laura is available for aura readings by appointment. An hour long aura reading consists of saying Hello to you as a Spirit. Laura communicates what you have to say to yourself, your information about your next step. What energy in your space interferes with your process of change and growth. We take a jopurney through your chakras and your aura. Each chakra, each layer is a universe of you; such as your survival space, your emotional world, how you create in the world, your affinity for yourself and others, communication in the world and with spirit guides, your own intuitive abillities and you on a soul level. As a catalyst to your own ability to heal yourself we bring these aspects of you into present time, where your power to create is.