By:Stephen Wakeling, Spiritual Medium

Change can be seen through a twisted shadow of darkness, or the pure glint of bright sunlight. You may resist it, or condemn, look back in sadness, or accept in joy for it is the rhythmic pattern, etched upon the granite face of days gone by. Furrowed brow, or smiling hope, brings us all upon the inescapable acceptance; the inevitability of our movement through the deliberate steps of time.

It is the calculated movement of the pendulum, the tick upon the meditative countenance of time. Change moves within the stillness of a single breath, grasped in a solitary moment, bringing forth the progression of life and stepping out into another day of golden light.

Thundercloud 26th September 2005

PS: This information was passed to me a couple of years ago, just prior to a major change in my life. A change that was inevitable for me, but one that while initially difficult, has now reaped the benefits of knowledge, gained through the experience of life.