Moving From Limitation to Bountiful Good
By:Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song <info@sacredpeace.org>

If a job, relationship, or any type of situation has ended,
command the Universe to immediately replace it for you
in a multiplied way... in a better, higher form.

Make this your belief now:
that anything from your past that is removed from your Life
must be replaced by an exalted reality.
Dissolve and eradicate all poverty consciousness!
Open your eyes to the limitations you have allowed to creep into your consciousness
and cut those cords of lack and dependency.

No outer thing, being or condition
is your true source for sustenance and Happiness.
Only God-Spirit is your True Source.
Connect with your eternal source of Abundant Good,
instead of relying on the outer manifestations
that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Establish yourself in the belief that you are the darling of the Universe...
that you are Spiritís favourite Child of Light.

With this awareness, open up to RECEIVE bounty-full
Good from a Universe that LOVES you!

~ Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song
Sacred Peace Center