London UK
Avril Intuitive <avrilpsychic@gmail.com>

Psychic readings with channeled information and Angel and Classical Rider Waite Tarot Cards.

Would you like down to earth real guidance concerning all areas in life like love, relationships, job/income, study, spiritual development, health?

During my readings I work with guides, angels, passed loved ones and nature spirits.

My strengths are especially in

- Clairvoyance: Past/present/future to unfold options and possibilities for you and show that you are free.

- Mediumship: Communication with passed loved ones and guides to provide comfort and guidance to you! I prefer do mediumship in person.

- Clairaudience: I often convey messages from the other side from guides, guardian angel or nature spirits.

- Healing: I both deliver healing messages from spirit and can work on an energy level to facilitate deep healing. I work with several healing guides.

I offer my service as a psychic medium with deep respect for your own nature and path.

Currently I work with regular clients all over the world like UK, Sweden, Finland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai.