UK - London (Grove Park)
Anne-Marie Bond <spiritualstars@gmail.com>

Amazing - Accurate - Genuine

Anne-Marie is the real deal, she will tell you as it is and what's happening in your life especially without you having to 'feed her' with information. Just sit back and allow her to unfold your life, where it's at, the direction it is likely to take and past mistakes that you may need to avoid. She has been featured in the Spirit and Destiny magazine numerous times, not only a tested reader but also giving future yearly predictions as well as promoting her amazing books that are now online via Amazon - Just Real Useable Tarot Spreads and My Lifetime Journal (a book every mother needs to complete and give to their child as sometimes we don't get a chance to say 'GoodBye').

A tarot reading with Anne-Marie will leave you with clarity, understanding (even if the answers are not what you want to hear) and most importantly peace of mind.

Anne-Marie is also a wonderful Psychic artist who loves to create amazing drawings to attract "Abundance" for her clients. When asked 'How good is she?'... She says "I can only evaluate my skill and accuracy based upon the amount of repeat clients I receive", as humble as ever, Anne-Marie's life aim is to help provide healing in anyway she can, not only as a Spirit Portrait artist and a Spiritual Working Medium, Anne-Marie is definitely called upon by Spirit to help others through her many gifted talents but definitely as a Spiritual Teacher. Just visit her website and book a private or online psychic reading.

Feedback About Anne-Marie's Readings
    "Wonderful, spot on, highly recommended"
    "You captured my life, I'm so impressed, thank you"
    "Amazing, The reading gave me clarity"