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MyPsychicReader.com is a collective of some of the most genuinely gifted healers in the industry, including Psychics, Mediums, Medical Intuitives, Animal Communicators, Life Coaches and Astrologers. MyPsychicReader was founded in 2012 by professional Psychic Medium Savina Thompson and Life Coach Warren Francisco.

Savina was a regular guest on L.A. radio station KBIG 104.3's nightly show, "Radio Medium," as well as a featured guest on E! Entertainment Television's "That Morning Show." She's appeared on radio and in print throughout the world.

Warren is a professional Life Coach, Writer and Mentor. He is a regular blogger on topics ranging from relationships to practical application of spirituality in one's every day life. He is currently working on a book for release in Summer, 2013.

Our Advisers were personally tested and hand-picked by Savina and Warren from a pool of almost 100 applicants. They were chosen for their accuracy, integrity, ability to communicate complex thoughts in an easy to understand manner and their genuine passion for helping others.

MyPsychicReader was founded on the principles of healing and passionate living and will continue to grow as a center for learning and wellness.