California - Telephone, Skype, and In Person
Joyce Markwick <jmarkwick@joycemarkwick.net>

Psychic Readings: These Readings concentrate mainly on your current and future situations (romance, work, money, travel, family etc,) as your Guides and I work together to see “what’s up” with you and what will be going on with you. We can also serve as “Spiritual Counselors” to help you find some valuable solutions and answers to problems, issues, and questions you may need at this time of your Life, and to help guide you and put you on your best Pathway in Life. These Readings are extremely insightful, highly personal, in-depth, enlightening and thorough. (Remember, Joyce is first and foremost a “Spirit Medium”, therefore please keep in mind that some Spirit Loved One will most likely come through during your Reading!!)

All Readings can be done by Telephone, Skype, or in person as the connection will be the same whichever method you choose.

About Joyce: Internationally known and respected Spirit Communicator Joyce Markwick is a gifted Evidential Medium-Psychic and Spirit Artist helping many Worldwide over the years with her highly accurate and extremely compassionate work. Joyce comes from a long line of Medium-Psychics and has dedicated her life helping others connect with their Loved Ones now in Spirit World as she provides strong Evidential Messages giving no reason of doubt that it is indeed a persons Loved One she is Communicating with. Her Readings may also include a Channelled connection to a persons Spirit Guide, thus giving much needed and valuable insight and solutions to "Life Issues" they may be experiencing as your Guides "Message" through Joyce for you. It has been known that the contact with a Loved One now in Spirit World can be one of the most extraordinary, healing, beautiful, and life altering event some ever can experience, and again Joyce has dedicated her life using her Gift to make this special connection possible.

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