Organizations related to Spiritualism and Spirituality

United Spiritualists - England
Type:Support to affiliated Mediums, Healers and Ministers

United Spiritualists is a religious body that supports the work of affiliated mediums, healers and ministers on their chosen spiritual pathways within spiritualism, of spiritual communication, healing or ministry.

It provides a quality framework, including guidelines, publications and supporting services within which individuals, churches, centres and sanctuaries can continue their good work and improve standards. The uniting factor is a Spiritualist belief. Associates from all denominations and pathways are welcome.

- Healing: Getting Started, Spiritual Aspects of Healing, Physical Aspects of Healing, Healing in Practice
- Mediumship: How to become a medium, Advanced circle work, Becoming a circle leader, Church and platform work, Private readings, Exorcisms
- Counselling Skills: Communication Skills and Life Skills
- Ministry: Common Services and Supplementary Services