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British Society of Dowsers - Hanley Swan, Worcestershire, England
Type:Association of dowsers

What is dowsing? To dowse is to search, with the aid of simple hand held tools or instruments, for that which is otherwise hidden from view or knowledge.

The British Society of Dowsers is a Registered Charity, founded in 1933 to promote dowsing in the British Isles. We presently offer a range of courses and training, and host a wide variety of meetings and activities centred on this ancient art. Our Journal, "Dowsing Today," is published three times a year and circulated throughout our membership. we also publish an informative newsletter three times a year.

Through our Registers of Practitioners we offer a dowsing referral service, and act as a point of information to the public. Membership of the Society provides access to our wide range of events as well as the opportunity to meet with others interested in this fascinating and valuable field.

The Society is run by a knowledgeable and friendly team of staff at our National Dowsing Centre in Hanley Swan, near Malvern, Worcestershire, and is advised by a Board of trustees which meets regularly. As well as an annual Conference, the Society's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) host meetings each year, as do our Affiliated Local Dowsing Groups. Through both fund raising and active participation in the field, the Society supports fresh water projects in needy countries.

We provide a wide range of dowsing-related books and equipment through mail order on-line and direct sales.