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Professional Association of Intuitive Consultants - Nashville, IN, USA
Type:Association of Intuitives

The preeminent association for professionals who provide Healing, Channeling, Shamanic, Spiritual Teaching, and other intuitive services.

The Professional Association of Intuitive Consultants was founded to meet the unique business needs of professionals working in the Intuitive Arts.

We provide business support to our members.
We provide up-to-date information about business management, professional skills
expansion, marketing, and many other things that create business success.

We provide many benefits to our members.
In addition to discounts on business supplies and services, we’ve negotiated a member benefits package
that includes access to reduced premiums for a variety of excellent insurance plans including health, life,
business, and disability; reduced rates on credit card processing; and more.

We provide a forum uniting Professional Intuitives.
We are a diverse and independent group of professionals. We each have a unique way of expressing our professional skills and a unique niche to fill in this very complex world. PAIC fully supports that wonderful diversity and recognizes how perfectly it fulfills the purpose of this profession.

We promote respectability, credibility, and professionalism.
All of our professional, educational, and student members have agreed to practice from the PAIC Code
of Professional Ethics and Conduct. All PAIC Certified Professional Intuitive Consultants (CPIC), have demonstrated the highest level of professional skills and integrity.

We provide public education and information.
We provide a forum for the public to understand the services offered by Professional Intuitives and how they
benefit from these services. We actively pursue opportunities to educate the general public about the Intuitive Arts through many venues of public and private media.

We support networking among Professional Intuitives.
We provide information about professionals whose skills compliment one another and support referrals within our profession.