Organizations related to Spiritualism and Spirituality

Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health - Department of Psychology Univ. of Arizona, USA

To investigate the role of human consciousness and its potential applications for personal, societal, and global health.

Under the direction of Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health (LACH; formerly the Human Energy Systems Laboratory) focuses on advances in human consciousness emerging from the process of scientific discovery. However, it is especially concerned with investigating specific research topics whose controversial findings require, to various degrees, a transformation in human consciousness. Because the discovery of seeming "anomalies" in science often raises challenging questions concerning the need for substantial changes in perception, understanding, and wisdom, LACH includes eight specific consciousness research programs that are controversial in society as well as in mainstream scientific disciplines including psychology:

1. The Evolution of Consciousness Research Program explores the evolution of implicit (typically unconsciousness) assumptions about the nature of physical and spiritual reality as well as factors that impede the discovery and acceptance of new evidence and knowledge including scientific biases, pathological skepticism, and unconsciousness mechanisms of self-deception

2. The Consciousness and Health Research Program investigates apparent non-local effects of consciousness on biological systems, with applications to integrative health and systemic healing

3. The VERITAS Research Program tests the survival of consciousness after death hypothesis

4. The Quantum Holographic Consciousness Research Program addresses emerging non-local effects of consciousness on physical systems, adopting quantum holographic concepts and methods, with applications to mind-machine technology

5. The Group and Global Consciousness Research Program investigates group consciousness, including global consciousness

6. The Animal Consciousness Research Program examines animal consciousness and the interactions between the minds of humans and animals

7. The Other Worldly Consciousness Research Program explores the possibility of "other worldly intelligence," including the potential for communication with "ETI's" and other world consciousnesses

8. The Universal Intelligent Consciousness Research Program examines the potential existence of a Universal (and Infinite) Intelligent Consciousness that plays an implicit "guiding, organizing, and designing" process in evolution (termed intelligent evolution) at all levels in nature (physical, psychological, social, ecological, and spiritual.