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International Spiritualist Federation (ISF)
Type:Federation of members worldwide

The Aim of the Federation - created in Liege, Belgium in 1923 - is “To reveal that Spiritual Nature of Mankind which harmonises with Natural Law”. This forms the basis of the Federation’s Philosophy.

The Federation's Objectives include:

a. To promote the advancement, by educational means, and the diffusion throughout the world, of a knowledge of the science and philosophy of Spiritualism/Spiritism. Such philosophy shall be considered as recognising the following Principles:

i. the existence of a creative life force

ii. the existence of a spiritual link between all forms of life

iii. survival of physical death by the individual spirit

iv. communication between individual human spirits and different levels of life

Until our spiritual nature returns to the forefront and influences social life on the planet, there can be little hope of peaceful brotherhood during our short stay on earth. Unless we understand our spiritual nature, we will achieve little progress towards the goal of human perfection; life will be without purpose and materialism will ultimately destroy the basis of social life.

As part of its commitment to these objectives, the Federation has set up a Scientific Forum as well as providing teams of teachers to visit different countries, on invitation, to train mediums, healers and speakers to use their gifts to the highest possible purpose.

b. To unite in federal union Spiritualist and related associations in all parts of the world;

If the I.S.F. does no more than help to unite all Spiritualists and like-minded people in a common cause to promote universal brotherhood and tolerance, it will serve mankind well.

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