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International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) - Durham, NC, USA
Type:Educational organization that provides information about Near-Death Experiences

You will find on IANDS's website a wealth of information on Near-Death Experiences including:
- Caring for the Near-Death Experiencer: Considerations for Experiencers
- Supporting Near-Death Experiences in the Health Care Setting
- If Someone You Know Has Had an NDE
- If you have had a Near-Death or Similar Experience: Experiencer's Guide to Psychotherapy
- Letter to Show Your Health-Care Provider if You Have Had an NDE

IANDS's Publications and activities include:
- Journal of Near-Death Studies
- Quarterly Newsletter
- Research Articles
- Annual Conferences
- Educational Materials
- Online Courses
- Seminars and Events
- Press Releases

Since 1977. Founders: John Audette, MS; Bruce Greyson, MD; Raymond Moody, MD; Ken Ring, PhD; Michael Sabom, MD.