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Christel Nani RN Medical Intuitive - Newsletter
By:Christel Nani

The world has known few genuinely gifted Medical Intuitives such as Christel. Her Readings, known for their pinpoint accuracy have ignited her international reputation as "the real thing."

Christel's clairvoyant gifts were passed down through the women on both sides of her family. Her psychic abilities emerged at age eight and are well documented in her book "Diary of a Medical Intuitive."

A RN with sixteen plus years in ER/Trauma Centers, she frequently knew her patientsí diagnosis before the tests came back. Her discoveries and clarity about the energetic causes of physical and spiritual illness have made her a popular and sought after spiritual teacher.

Christel teaches the principles of Spiritual Responsibility to audiences throughout the world and through her books, CDs, workshops and lectures. Her remedies are always practical and doable, resulting in healing of all kinds.