*MEDITATION: Grounding Visualization
By:Richard Sweeney

The mind and the imagination can often be powerful tools for success. A vivid imagination is crucial to magical and psychic training. The ability to create vivid internal adventures is a great skill but the ability to use the imagination to ground oneself is also of great benefit.

How to Use Grounding Visualization

Ground yourself in the natural world. Before undertaking grounding visualization, you must connect yourself to the natural world.

Light the candle and sit in front of it, or in a chair with feet touching the ground. Hold the onyx in you hand.

Breathe slowly and deeply while visualizing the roots of a tree gradually growing down into the earth. Envision the tree gaining strength from all the tiny roots burrowing into the fertile soil. See yourself as the tree connecting with the earth.

Concentrate on your out breathing. Feel the energy flow through your body and into the ground. Allow yourself to realize the sustaining strength that lies beneath you.

Focus on in breathing. On each in breath feel the earth’s strength flow through you. Visualize green energy flowing up through the roots of the tree into the trunk and branches that are your body. Visualize the power flowing through you until you feel calm and centered.