Meditation Grounding Techniques
By:Sara McIntosh

Grounding meditation emphasizes the importance of relaxation being used to regain energy, attention, focus, and eventually personal confidence and inner strength. Grounding meditation is centered around the spine, with focus on imagining where the different parts of your body would meet the ground. Personal goals are important to grounding meditation and relaxation, with the program intended to leave you even more focused and refreshed than an afternoon nap.

If it is time to find a foundation, a center, or you feel the need for a secure escape from a stressful or fearful situation, then it is time for grounding. Some characteristics that appear as symptoms that it is time for grounding include disorganization, decreased concentration, moodiness or emotional flightiness, trouble with problem solving and loss of interest. If any of these problems plague you, a friend or colleague, you may find help from meditation grounding techniques.

Find a quiet place if possible, but grounding meditation can also be as simple as a quick break away from your desk if you find yourself inattentive or distracted at work. Stand up straight with your eyes closed and visualize a connection from the ground, through the soles of your feet, up your legs, around your spine and through the top of your head. The key is to visualize all parts of your body touching the ground. A common example of grounding imagery is picturing yourself as a tree with roots, feeling your roots planted into the ground as you relax and focus. Allow the the connection to complete throughout your entire body, waiting for your whole body to feel relaxed. You should return to your normal activities feeling as refreshed as if you had just taken a full nap, though grounding meditation should only take about 15 minutes.

Many companies today teach grounding meditation to their employees as relaxation techniques, with the overall goal of keeping team focus and cooperation. Meditation grounding techniques are simple enough that they can be done by pulling your chair away from your desk when you are feeling unsettled or disorganized at work, take a moment to relax and ground yourself, and return to the task at hand refreshed and focused. Personalize your own grounding visualization imagery based on your goals and the task at hand. Individualization is the key to grounding meditation.