How to Lead a Guided Meditation
By:Helena Baker

Leading a guided meditation is best attempted by those individuals with a solid foundation in personal meditation and it is a good exercise for those who wish to take their meditative skill to the next level. To lead a guided meditation, you must initially be able to concentrate all of your attention on the people you are guiding. Later, after some practice, you may be able to lead a meditation while also participating.

Decide on the type of meditation you will lead. For guided meditations, basic visualization meditations are very effective, but other types are possible too. Whatever you choose, just make sure it is not overly complicated.

Choose an appropriate space. It should be comfortable, quiet and large enough to accommodate your group without crowding.

Give the participants a few minutes before the meditation to relax, mingle and get to know one another.

Gather your group and have them get comfortable in whatever position you have decided on. Usually, a basic seated position is best, as standing is too rigid and lying down often results in people inadvertently falling asleep.

Speak slowly in a calm, clear voice. Do not whisper, as straining to hear may jolt someone out of a meditative state.

Describe each step in your meditation as if you are experiencing it yourself. Do not tell your participants what to think or do outright.

Pause at appropriate points. Each person is experiencing the meditation differently, so one person may need more time at a certain point than another.

Bring the participants out of the meditative state gradually, do not jolt them back into full mental activity.