*MEDITATION: Meditation for Stressful Times
By:Reverend Cathy Towle

The folowing meditation is very helpful when you want clarity about your next steps.

Sit in a comfortable position and begin to follow your breathing, in and out. Relax and just let your thoughts go.

After a few moments of relaxing into the fullness of being present, bring your problem or question right into the space. Imagine it's written on a piece of paper that is sitting on your lap. See the words on the paper.

Continue to sit for another few minutes. Enjoy being so present with your query, no matter what it is. Feel the clarity taking hold and the fear and confusion lifting. Connect with the feelings of gratitude for a universe that takes care of our needs.

Now know that the answer to your query has been written on the paper and pick it up and read it to your self. You might want to jot down, but most likely it's a simple answer. Again, thank divine spirit for connecting with you. When you are ready, come out of meditation.


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