How to Astral Project Out of Your Body With the Help of a Meditation Technique
By:Karl Sewon

Meditation is a technique that focuses the mind completely and aims for a state of complete peace and calmness. The aim of meditation is to bring the mind and body into harmony in order to promote healing, relaxation and health. Many people experience out of body experiences (Astral Projection) whilst meditating.

There are several methods that people use to meditate and your method will greatly depend upon what you are trying to achieve through meditation.

To meditate in order to reach the astral plane you can simply close your eyes and start visualizing yourself from a third person perspective. In other words, look down upon yourself wherever you are sitting or lying right now. Pretend you are another person looking at you. Make sure you can clarify as much detail as you can from your own image. You will of course see yourself sitting or lying down with your eyes closed. That is the first step.

Next visualize your spirit or astral body rising from your physical body. It then floats away from your body through the ceiling and into the sky. If you do this outside you will feel less restricted and it may feel easier to imagine your astral body floating away.

Once you are floating into the sky, look down and see your position, rooftops, trees and more. You are now floating into the astral plane and leaving your physical body behind. You will feel light and free. This is meditation leading to astral travel.

To return to your physical body simple float back down and look at your body again. You will feel yourself being pulled into it and absorbing your astral body once again. You how now completed astral travel meditation.

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