Astral Projection - What is the Realtime Zone?
By:Karl Sewon

When you find yourself out of body from using an Astral Projection technique, you might find yourself in the real-time zone. It can be described as a dimension that lies more close to our own reality. It's not a strange place like some of the other astral dimensions can exhibit.

When you begin to explore your surroundings you may find that it looks almost the same as your physical world. But you may find that some things don't add up. You may find furniture in your house that does not belong there, and other things might be missing or have changed places, this is called reality fluctuations. This is nothing to worry about so don't pay too much attention to this.

Since this place is so close to our physical world you can explore every aspect of it. You can go anywhere simply by the power of your thoughts.

Fly up into the air and through the clouds, you can go even further out and observe our planet from orbit. There is really not limit to where you can go; you can break any speed barriers since the speed of thought is infinite! Just be sure you have learned to control your astral body or otherwise you might blast yourself out from the solar system or even further out.

Staying in the Real-time zone can be difficult if you are new to Astral Projection. You should try some energy building techniques before you begin your Astral Projection attempts. This will increase the energy to your real-time body and will increase your available time there.

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