Worldwide Online Meditations: "Meditation 101 Live"
By:Tracy Friend / The Law of Attraction Centre

Meditation is a foundational practice for living a good-feeling life and meditating regularly brings a greater sense of peace, focus and inspiration.

Meditation 101 live webinars have been bringing relaxation and peace to people’s lives across the world since 2010. With meditation and visualisation, these powerful 30 minute broadcasts with webinars on most days, feature beautiful sounds and music to uplift, energise and inspire.

- Experience the benefit of the enhanced collective energy of meditating with other people, whilst being in the comfort of your own home or office.

- Each meditation includes an introduction, followed by a time in which to meditate in whatever way is easy and natural to you.

- Tracy then guides you through a visualisation enabling you to focus on living your ideal life.

Participating Live:

Price: £2.85 (approx: US $4.40) per 30 minute session.

For the full Meditation 101 Live Schedule and to register please visit: lawofattractioncentre.net/meditation


"That was absolutely amazing! I don't think I have ever fully let go and quieted my mind like that before. I feel so inspired. By the end of the session I was filled with so much love - love for myself, for others, and love coming from Source. Unconditional, pure love. Thank you." - C.L.

"Instead of the 'knowledge gained', I find it appropriate to give a 5 star to 'raising my vibrations' during the meditation.... the energy of the group was Amazing and ZINGING! Thanks... " - S

"Thank you Tracy for a wonderful start to the day. Amazing calmness capturing everyone's energy on the class. Look forward to attending the next on-line class. Thank you." - B.J

"Very enlightening and a positive way for those that can't make it physically to do so remotely.""Thank you, the second section moved me the most. I had a real moment of knowing who I was, am and always be. Also, I have in the past trained in yoga and meditation but not practiced for a number of years - I felt all the beauty of it flowing connecting through my source once again aaaahhh bliss." - A.S.

"Truly inspirational, loved it, thank you ." - Anonymous

"Really loved being able to just switch on and meditate." - L.M.

"So relaxing and cleansing." - T.H.

"Awesome meditation Tracy! One of the most powerful sessions I have ever had. Wow." - G.R.

"I absolutely loved the meditation. The music was one that I truly enjoyed. Thank you so much for this. Many blessings to you." - S.

About Tracy:

Tracy Friend is a world-leading authority on the Law of Attraction. Her pioneering approach has touched thousands of people’s lives across the UK, Europe and US. In addition to hosting weekly groups both online and offline, Tracy maintains a rigorous workshop schedule. Tracy’s Creating a Wonderful Life and Living in Love visualisations have been designed as tools to assist you in using the power of guided visualisation to bring all of your dreams and desires into fruition. Tracy’s guidance in her one to one coaching practice is sought after by leading figures in the fields of business and mind, body & spirit.

Tracy holds a first class honours degree in Psychology from the University of Bristol with her theoretical knowledge of Psychology taking on a whole new perspective when she embarked on her life’s purpose of living and teaching spiritual upliftment.

When Tracy is not running Law of Attraction events and coaching, she loves to travel, and to continue her life’s study of human potential and well-being.

Visit her Website: lawofattractioncentre.net