How to Meditate to Music
By:Megan Curley

Meditation is an ancient form of relaxation and spiritual attunement used by cultures worldwide. There many forms of meditation, from moving meditation like Qi Gong to chanting meditation. Meditating to music is a good choice for those who feel connected to music or have trouble quieting their mind with traditional meditation.

Choose the type of music you will meditate to. You may need to try several kinds until you find your favorite. There are guided meditation CDs available that include music and speaking to guide you through the meditation process. Soothing meditation music or New Age music can be used, as well as any uplifting or favorite music you desire (see Resources below).

Set up the music before you begin your meditation. Load your CD player or cue your MP3 player to the playlist or album you've selected. Adjust the volume to your liking or secure headphones in your ears. Have the music start first so you can begin your meditation without interruption.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. A traditional meditation position is sitting on the floor or on a pillow with your legs folded and your hands resting palms up on your knees. You can also lie down flat on the floor or even on the bed if this is more comfortable or easier for you.

Breathe deeply. The basis of meditation is deep breathing and focusing on the breath, and this can be incorporated into meditating with music. As you breathe, allow your mind to flow with the music. You can breathe along with the tempo or flow of the music, or just get lost in the soothing sounds of instruments or voices. Meditation music is designed specifically to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind, and helps you to deepen your relaxation due to its melodic or soothing sound.

Allow the sound of the music to become the one thing that you are tuned into. You may experience tingling or goose-bumps--these can be indications of deep relaxation. As the music plays, notice that your mind is truly focused on only the sound of the music and any fleeting thoughts disappear as you follow the music. When the music ends or your set time is up, allow yourself to breathe for a few moments and re-acclimate yourself to the present.