The Chakra Clearing Meditations
By:Cesar Sebastian

Whenever we are facing many stresses in life, or are not taking good care of ourselves, our chakras (the energy centers of our body) become blocked or clouded. We begin to feel worn down, stressed out, and sometimes become more negative than we need to or should be. Thus, it might be time to get ourselves involve with a little chakra clearing meditation.

The art of chakra clearing meditation helps you to become centered, balance, and clear by focusing on each of the eight chakras that are found within the body. It is a technique that is natural and practiced an as alternative healing therapy. The main purpose of it is to gain a healthy sense of well-being through clearing your mind and self-analysis with simple meditation techniques.

So how does one go about doing this technique?

First, you need to get your body into a relaxed state. Then you need to mentally focus on each of your major chakras located in your body. In order to do this, you will have to use your intuition to see if you can see the colors of the chakras, and feel if there are any energy blockages. If you find a blockage, mentally unblock and erase it from your mind by breathing out slowly and imagining how the negative energy escapes your body. It could include grinding them out into the ground when you breathe out.

The key to remember about chakras is that when in harmony and in balance they help the body function well. When out of balance, even if it is just one chakra, it will affect the others. Depending on how bad the blockage or how sick or unstable we are, it can affect us pretty severely if we are not careful. That is why chakra meditation is so important. Once you are comfortable enough slowly open your eyes and be in stillness. When you are ready, stand up, stretch, and move around.

When first practicing and learning about this meditation, it is vital to learn about what your chakras are and how they function so that you can learn about how your energy reacts within and those around you. You can also learn about chakra clearing meditation from many resources that explain in detail how the technique works. You will learn the proper way to practice as well as the proper techniques. When you do this, you will breathe out negative energy and breathe in the positive.

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