How to Use Candles in Meditation
By:Darlene Zagata

There are several ways to meditate. Meditation can help you relax and aid in self-healing. Candles have been used for centuries not only to light the physical world around us but to light the spiritual path as well. The flame of a candle has long been associated with the flame of spirit that resides within us which makes candles the perfect tools to use in the practice of meditation.

How to Meditate with Candles

Choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least 15 to 30 minutes. You can choose to meditate for longer or shorter periods of time according to your own preference. Choose a length of time that you feel comfortable with.

Choose your goal or focus for the meditation session. For example, you may choose to meditate on inner peace or healing. You may desire to focus on romance or being successful in a particular endeavor.

Choose a candle or candles appropriate to the goal you wish to focus on during the meditation period.

Sit in a comfortable position.

Light the candle(s) and begin your meditation.

How to Choose Candles Appropriate for Your Meditation

Choose white or blue candles when meditating on inner peace, protection or purification.

Choose purple or indigo candles when meditating on spirituality or intuition.

Choose orange or blue candles when meditating on healing.

Choose black candles when meditating on the removal of negative thoughts or to eliminate confusion.

Choose yellow candles when meditating on strengthening the intellect or creativity.

Choose red candles when meditating on passion, energy or power.

Choose pink candles when meditating on love, happiness or romance.

Choose green candles when meditating on fertility, prosperity or wealth.