*MEDITATION: How to Practice the Calm Heart Meditation
By:Dana George

The Meditation for a Calm Heart is purely a method of cleansing your heart through thoughtful contemplation. It basically works from the inside out. Often times, when you feel overwhelmed or saddened, it can be like a heaviness weighing down on your heart. Instead of shutting yourself off from the world, you open yourself up through the meditation and allow yourself to be cleansed of that which troubles you. Not that your woes will disappear, but your approach is changed and you’re able to see things in almost a different light. Whenever you feel yourself slipping into a “bad” place, be it from work or home; take a moment to practice the Calm Heart Meditation. It can be done anywhere at anytime.

Take a seat in a chair, on a bench or on the floor, wherever you feel most comfortable.

Place your left hand at the center of your chest, close to your heart, and rest your right hand on your knee. Bring your right index finger and right thumb together to form a circle with your palm facing the sky (Jnana Mudra).

Relax your body, letting any tension you’re currently holding slip away. Sometimes you may need to actively seek the release, concentrating on any area that holds tension.

Lengthen your spine as you let your head fall slightly forward, drawing your chin down toward your chest.

Draw your awareness on where your left hand lies, and begin to breathe slowly and deeply. On the exhale, repeat the sound Om. This should help to focus your self into the meditation. As you repeat the Om, push its origin down your throat until it radiates from your chest. The placement of your left hand should help you focus the sound.

Let the sound of each Om open your heart. Feel the vibration springing from the center of your chest and spreading out like a ripple in the water. Allow your heart to widen with each of the ripples.

Give way to the cleanse, letting your heart be rinsed of any tension, hurt or needless feelings.

Continue the meditation until your heart is calm. It can take as little time as 3 minutes or as long as half an hour.