How to Use Advanced Meditation Techniques
By:Matthew Schieltz

Mindful meditation techniques have been on the rise through many parts of the world and it is an important practice to engage in daily. If you would like to get more from your meditation practices then it may be time to start practicing advanced meditation techniques.

Beginning the Meditation

Decide which meditation posture you will practice. One of the best postures for practicing advanced meditation is the simple Burmese posture, which is sitting cross-legged while sitting on the edge of a pillow or some other sort of cushion.

Close your eyes and begin to relax your whole body and all of your body parts. This can be thought of as the "conditioning" before the actual advanced meditation practices.

Focus your thoughts on your breathing, making sure to note where your chest rises and falls when you inhale and exhale. Continue this for at least five minutes.

Using Advanced Meditation Techniques

Now focus your thoughts on the mantra that you are going to use for this exercise. You'll want to focus on and repeat the mantra for at least a solid 15 minutes.

Listen to and try to find the spot (your inner awareness) where the sound of your voice originates from inside your body. This can be done while continuing to repeat the mantra in a meditative way.

Concentrate on your inner self and try to be free from all distractions while still repeating the mantra.

Try to follow and remember where any fleeting thought came from outside your body if there is one that takes your attention away from your concentration or meditation. This "spot" can be thought of as trying to find the outer awareness of yourself.

Be fully aware of everything surrounding you, but be careful not to focus your attention on your outer awareness.

Notice where your inner awareness and outer awareness come together and meet. Once you have recognized this and have focused on it for several minutes then you will have achieved a state of pure being and have successfully used these advanced meditation techniques.