*MEDITATION: A Meditation to Access Your Pre-Birth Plan
By:Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul's Plan

From Robert Schwartz's Your Soul's Plan:

Imagine that you are in the “room” in which your pre-birth planning took place. It is important to spend the first few minutes of this meditation visualizing the appearance and contents of this room in great detail. Do not worry about whether you are getting the details “right.” That does not matter. What does matter is that you see the room in detail, preferably details that speak to one or more of the five senses. For example, if you see furniture in the room, imagine the color and feel of the fabric, the contour and texture of the wood, and so on. The process of seeing the room in specific detail will energetically transport you there. (This is true of all meditations, not just this one.)

After you have visualized the room in great detail, imagine that all the significant people in your life are there: your parents, children, romantic partners, siblings, friends, teachers, peers from school, employers, and co-workers. Every person of significance is there.

Now, survey this crowd of people. Notice that regardless of the nature of your earthly relationship, each and every one of them looks at you with an expression of pure, unconditional love. You are able to feel this love emanating from each of them. Rest serenely in the knowledge that pre-birth planning is always based on mutual, unconditional love.

As you survey the crowd, choose one person about whom you would like to know more. Walk up to this person and thank him or her for joining you here today. Then say, “I have forgotten what you and I planned together before we were born. Would you please remind me?” Then sit quietly and listen for the reply.

The reply may well come to you in words, but do not let an expectation of words restrict the form of the answer. Be open to a reply that comes to your mind’s eye as either a symbol or visual image, perhaps an image of another time and place. Be open as well to a reply that comes in the form of a feeling. Feelings are the language of the soul.