*MEDITATION: How to Practice Color Meditation
By:Alyson Paige

Colors offer attributes, which in meditation, draw energies and vibrations into your aura, your chakras and your physical body. Visualizing a hue brings awareness of that color's energies into your mind and helps to heal your spiritual, emotional and physical being in the areas of the color's attributes.

Prepare your meditation space. Consult a color chart (in Additional Resources) and select a color that appeals to you intuitively. Select a candle of the color you have chosen. Retire to your private meditation space, with reflective music playing and the colored candle glow.

Sit in a comfortable straight-backed chair. Place your bare feet flat on the floor, with your legs uncrossed. Relax your hands, with your palms up on your lap. Sit straight, yet comfortable. Breathing in, raise your shoulders up to your ears. Exhale, releasing all tension as you relax your shoulders. Reach upwards and out to your sides, breathing in. Expand your chest as you inhale. Feel your breath in its natural in and out flow.

Breathe with awareness. Inhale and gently count to ten. Pause and exhale to the count of ten. Breathe through your nose and do it with ease. Watch your breath as it enlivens your body and leaves. Rest in the pause. Repeat as many times as is comfortable and right for the moment.

Focus on the candle flames. Create an awareness of breathing in the candle's hue. Draw the color into the center, into your heart. This is your Heart Chakra, the home of compassion and peace. Continue for five to seven minutes.

As the color of the candle radiates through your heart and chest, feel the color begin to fill your body with every breath. Close your eyes and visualize the color pulsating through your aura as well as your body. Maintain awareness of your breath. Experience the color expanding and contracting in and out of your gross and subtle bodies.

Seal your aura. Visualize a golden crystal ball of light that envelops your entire body and seals in the color of your meditation.

Ask your higher self for protection and gently return your awareness to the less subtle realm.