*MEDITATION: A Kriya Yoga Meditation

Kriya yoga meditation is designed to purge energy obstructions that can occur in both the body and mind. The Kriya yoga meditation includes a general life awareness and balance in addition to breathing and actual meditation that help you to gain control of your energy and bring calm. Obtain self-awareness by practicing Kriya yoga on a regular basis.

Pay attention to your surroundings and actions all day, every day as part of your yoga meditation. Live in the present and when you find your thoughts roaming to the past or future, stop and listen to the sounds around you and in the rhythm of music. Take deep breaths and focus on your breathing and walk outside into nature to help if you have trouble.

Practice a life of giving and kindness. Let go of the circumstances that have harmed you in the past, help others when you can, find forgiveness for those who have hurt you. Find a balance between your self, family, friends and job--an essential part of Kriya yoga.

Practice meditation on a daily basis. Find a quiet location and sit with your legs crossed and back straight. Slowly breathe in deeply and hold it until you almost cannot hold it anymore. Pay attention to how your body feels, which in turn calms your mind.

Exhale slowly and completely and notice how your thoughts automatically slow as well. Continue this process for a few more breaths then stretch your right leg in front of you.

Say "OM" in a slow breath out, inhale and do this again 11 more times. Switch legs and repeat the process then do it again with both legs outstretched.

Lower your head with your chin on your chest as you say "OM." Inhale then slowly move you head to tilt backwards and say "OM" again. Repeat 25 to 100 times. End your practice with a 15 to 30 minute silent meditation.