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The Big Circle
Type of site:Support for bereaved parents that focusses on EVP

The Big Circle evolved from a small recording group of AA-EVP members who wished to continue their relationships with deceased loved ones by exploring the use of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). The growing success of the group made it possible to expand into an international virtual recording group. People from various places in the world record privately, or with a group, for five minutes at 8:00 p.m. (their local time) on alternative Thursdays. We believe that the collectiveenergy has helped our loved ones communicate to us from the other side.

After each recording session, interesting examples from the session are posted in the the AA-EVP Idea Exchange forum where they are shared with other AA-EVP members. We do this because it is not uncommon for a member in another part of the world to pick up the voice of a deceased loved one belonging to another member residing in a different part of the world. Unlike making a phone call you will often receive more communications from your loved one from other members of the Big Circle.