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Survival After Death.org.uk
Type of site:Articles, news and photos about survival after death

Who We Are

SurvivalAfterDeath.org.uk was started by Thomas Jones of Wales and David Duffield of West Virginia on April 11th 2002 with the aim of publishing articles, books and photographs relating to survival after death and psychical research. We are an independent group which regularly cooperates with several distinguished psychical researchers and parapsychologists.

What We Do

1. Provide free and easy access to large quantities of material on survival after death and psychical research.

2. Upload at least one new article every Thursday.

3. Keep you updated with the latest news and developments, with approximately three news items every two or three days. See our News page.

4. Help and assist others with survival-related articles, books and projects. (Although we are limited to assisting only psychical research projects, numerous people have already benefited from our help, advice and correspondence.)

Here is an example of the fascinating materials you will find on this site
Source of the picture: survivalafterdeath.org.uk:

The photograph was taken at the British College of Psychic Science, July 24th 1924, on a plate marked and sealed by the Imperial Dry Plate Company. It shows the image of a suspended face above the head of Stanley De Brath. Notice also the ectoplasmic connection between the three people. The suspended image you can see is the face of Dr. Geley, who was killed in a aeroplane crash in Warsaw, July 15th 1924.