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Psychic Explorers Club
Type of site:Explores psychic phenomena

The Parapsychology Foundation invites you to take an exciting journey of discovery by joining their newly-formed Psychic Explorers Club. The journey—like no other—will follow, throughout history and across cultures, anomalous events that manifest in ways not yet fully understood: the realms of psychic phenomena. Exploring the psychic realms, you will travel the course of science and other disciplines over the past century — a course marked by laboratory and clinical studies, and on-site ghost investigations. You will weigh the evidence of rigorous science against charlatans who exploit, and skeptics who dismiss, this potentially limitless human dimension.

Premonitions Registry
Parapsychology Foundation invites you to send us your premonition. You don’t have to be a Club member to submit it! All submissions will be archived alphabetically by experiencer’s last name. The Foundation makes no attempt to validate or assess the success of the premonition.