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Glyn Edwards (remembered)
Type of site:Mediumship

Official website celebrating the life and work of the world-renowned UK medium, teacher, and spiritual author Glyn Edwards.

During his Earth-life Glyn traveled extensively, speaking, lecturing, demonstrating, and running workshops worldwide for over 40 years. He possessed extensive understanding of various mediumistic and spiritual paths and was particularly known for the quality of his work and his ability to demonstrate his mediumship almost effortlessly in front of large audiences. He was highly respected for his understanding of and insight into different areas of mediumistic unfoldment and his devotion to helping students explore and realise their individual potential. He was interviewed on television and radio throughout the world, recorded many teachings and practices, wrote numerous articles on mediumship and spiritual growth, and coauthored two highly praised development manuals with a long-time friend and author of several spiritual books, Stephen Wollaston (aka Santoshan).