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Type of site:Spiritual realisation <dan@theplacebeyond.com>

Discover who you truly are, beyond who you think you are.

This site is for those who are seeking to awaken to who they truly are. It's words are aimed at all those on the spiritual path, at stages of their spiritual awakening. It contains practical advice on how to awaken to truth and methods to put this guidance into practice. The message at the core of the guidance is this: you don't have to be someone special to realise your true nature; you , sitting there reading this sentence, can awaken to who you truly are, beyond who you think you are.

About the author
After an intense spiritual search for ‘who he truly was’, Dan O’Rourke made an extraordinarily ordinary discovery. He discovered that he was already what he was searching for.

Through this realisation, he came to know peace, joy and happiness untouched by the fleeting scenes of life. Following this awakening to his true nature, Dan is drawn to inspiring others to find the truth of their being within their own hearts and to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.