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Healing Cancer Naturally: Info on alternative non-intrusive healing modalities for cancer
Type of site:Healing Cancer Naturally

Here you will find a wealth of useful and interesting information on this site devoted to the extensive field of alternative non-intrusive healing modalities for cancer that have proven successful for people with this serious challenge!

I aim to give you an all-round “holistic” view of the many natural, gentle and/or non-intrusive ways that have been used to heal cancer, so you’ll find information on:
• Why Alternative Cancer Treatment? (crucial reading)
• Nature Heals
• Healing Cancer Naturally!!!
• Healing Cancer & Your Mind
• Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Healing Diet & Protocol
• Geopathic Stress and Cancer
• Cancer & Spirituality
• Dr. Max Gerson’s Juice Therapy
• Nutrition
• Detoxification
• Juicing & Juicers
• Supplements & Herbs
• Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide
• Cancer Causes
• Energetic Studies into Cancer Genesis & Healing and the Human Body (incl. excerpts from Paul Winter’s Selecting the Right Cancer Treatment by Using Applied Kinesiology)
• Emotions & Cancer Healing incl. very instructive real-life stories of spontaneous remission and healing of “terminal” cases
• History of Alternative Cancer Treatment
• Healing With Light
• Love & Healing
• Free Downloads
• and more related subjects, particularly many stunning and uplifting Cancer Healing Testimonials...