Affinities with Jung

Spirit (Psychic) Artist Inspired by Jung
By:Sophie Shapiro, Spirit Artist

I do psychic paintings while attuned to My Spirit Guides. All the paintings below were inspired by Dr Carl Gustav Jung in Spirit. And all are dedicated to Dr Jung, who inspires me daily.

1- The Pleroma, The Abraxas and The Soul

Acrylics, pigments and graphite

That is one of the great difficulties in experiencing
the unconscious—that one identifies with it and
becomes a fool. You must not identify with the
unconscious; you must keep outside, detached,
and observe objectively what happens….
it is exceedingly difficult to accept such a thing,
because we are so imbued with the fact that our
unconscious is our own – my unconscious, his
unconscious, her unconscious – and our
prejudice is so strong that we have the greatest
trouble disidentifying.

Jung, C. G. The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga
Notes of the Seminar given in 1922 by C. G. Jung.


2- The Ether

Acrylic, pigment, graphite and gold leaf - 100×42cm on paper

Every atom,every electron and molecule is in constant and
intense vibration. There is nothing solid in material matter.


3- The Cycle of Spirit

Acrylics, wax, inks and pigment

The Old Masters acquiring and retaining new knowledge,
without judgements. Absorbing and talking over new
and old ideas; which will help us to understand both
sides of a situation objectively.

There are always multiple avenues to take, if we look.


4- Magnetic Affinity

Acrylics, graphite and gold leaf - 100×42 cm on paper

Thought diffusion is the power of diffusing to others
certain thought forms and positive ideas. These
currents of thought circulate around various mental
chambers of the human Mind. Whenever they contact
a sensitive sphere possessing magnetic affinity, they
gradually impress their force and ultimately subject
the Soul to those ideas. In this way, by subtle mental
magic of its devotees, religious theology obtained its
first foothold within the human Mind.
Words taken from Zolar – The Encyclopaedia
of Ancient & Forbidden Knowledge


5- Mystical Symbols

Acrylics, inks, graphite and gold leaf - 100×42 cm on paper

Mystical Symbols represents the point of transcendental
reality beyond conscious understanding.


6- Reflection

Acrylics, inks and gold metallic - 100×42cm

What are you doing here and on what are you reflecting?


7- Psychomantic Vision

Acrylic and wax - 42×100 cm on paper

Trust in your flashes of intuition,
they will help you to progress.


8- Throwing Light Upon The Soul

Wax, ink and enamel

The way in which we make our decisions,
helps us to learn and grow.


9- Consciousness

Wax, graphite and watercolour

The psyche does not come to an end where some
physiological assumption or other stops. In other
words, in each individual case that we observe
scientifically, we have to consider the manifestations
of the psyche in their totality.
Carl Jung, Collected Works, v9, para 113


10- Magical Lights

Wax, inks, pigment and metallic leaf

The light in the darkness glows,
Throughout the midnight hour.
Everything has a story to unfold,
Shimmering quietly upon the gentle light.
A voice cries out, remembering that each new breath
Brings life, joy and dreams undreamt.


11- The Lovely Contenance

Many beautiful dreams are nothing more than memories of the Soul
connecting once again with the Angelic World…...


12- Freedom With Energy

This one is dedicated to Billy.