Affinities with Jung

Medical Intuitive studied Jungian methods at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich
By:Christopher Stewart, Medical Intuitive

The balance point of science and spirit was something that always draws me to it. In my early childhood I had seen a painting of an Alchemist in a book from the library. The image of the luminous glow from a flask shedding light on everything around it had stayed with me for years. Over the years I had attended many talks on the work of the enlightened analyst C.G. Jung in California. It was now time (1981) to go to the source of his work in Zurich Switzerland. After applying for admission I was accepted into the CG Jung Institute in Zurich where I studied for over two years.

Studying Jungian theory and methods at the institute was very intense. The students came from all over the world and the cross-fertilization was fascinating. The study program of dream work, active imagination psychological transformation and other areas of analytical psychology was challenging and fascinating.

Of all the classes at the institute, that one that spoke to me the strongest was studying Jung’s masterwork “Mysterium Coniunctionis“ or Mystery of the Conjunction.

This work shows the process of spiritual and mental healing and transformation that are described using the symbology of alchemy. The “conjunction” in the title is a reference to a joining, alignment or resolution between poles or dualities. For example sun/moon male/female and energy/matter.

About being a Medical Intuitive:
A medical intuitive is someone who has a special working relationship with the human body, its energies and systems with the ability to diagnose the disruptions that can invade the body, mind and spirit.

A medical intuitive views the body on the physical level, the energy level and the spiritual level. Medical intuition assists healing the mind, body and spirit when other methods are unsuccessful. Many doctors and healers are medical intuitives in their own practice.