Affinities with Jung

Bringing to Publication the Complete Works of C. G. Jung
By:The Philemon Foundation

C. Jung is one of the most significant, well-known and controversial figures in the history of psychology and modern culture. Yet the understanding of his thought rests on a textual corpus that is incomplete and flawed. The mission of the Philemon Foundation is to make the complete body of Jung’s work available in editions that meet the highest standards of scholarship and do justice to the true measure of this major creative thinker.

The Philemon Foundation was founded at the end of 2003, and since this time, has made critical contributions to a number of ongoing projects preparing for publication the still unpublished works of C. G. Jung.

The Philemon Foundation is preparing for publication the Complete Works of C. G. Jung. In distinction to the widely known Collected Works, it is intended that the Complete Works will comprise manuscripts, seminars, and correspondence hitherto unpublished numbering in the tens of thousands of pages. The historical, clinical, and cultural importance of this material equals and, in some instances, surpasses the importance of that which has been already published.

The success of the Philemon Foundation’s mission depends on the generosity of farsighted donors who recognize the importance of Jung’s work as a means through which we can understand the depth and complexity of life, both individual and collective. Jung’s writing and wisdom can be fully understood only when the entirety of his work is made available in a scholarly historical edition.