Affinities with Jung

Medical Intuitive: Studying Jung gave me the confidence to begin clarifying images for clients
By:Bela Johnson

When I began my practice as a professional intuitive over twenty years ago, it was challenging finding words for the formless – the images I had seen since childhood but did not have a point of reference for. I never trained with anyone but Source – when I began my practice, Caroline Myss, from whom I borrowed the title Medical Intuitive, was only beginning hers. When I read her first book, I realized she and I saw things much the same – symbolically, archetypally.

Not having a point of reference for images I received from clients impelled me to return to college to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. As I listened to various faculty members, a Jungian professor spoke on the archetypes. I literally lit up like a Christmas tree and knew deep in my bones that this man, Carl Jung, had discovered something profound about the universal order. I felt like I had a soulmate in Jung, someone who viewed the unseen like I did yet had gone on to develop a language for it. Studying Jung gave me the confidence to begin clarifying images for clients, and Jung remains to this day one of my greatest influences.

The highest and most decisive experience of all
is to be alone with one’s own self ... to find out
what supports us when we can no longer
support ourselves. Only this gives us an
indestructible foundation.

- Carl Jung