International Mediums and Healers

Pastor Lucy Baker
Canberra, Australia <lucy@lucybaker.net>

Pastor Lucy Baker is a well-known clinical hypnotherapist and spiritual teacher who specialises in shamanic practice, vortex work and interlife healing. Recognised as an authority on vortex and interlife healing focusing on shamanic energies, she translates traditional shamanic practice into simple but powerful contemporary practice for both health professionals in addition to everyday folk, and is a workshop leader and speaker to professional bodies and groups around Australia, India, USA and Europe regularly.

Nominated as the Psychic of the Year in her home state (ACT, Australia) she also teaches weekly intuitive development, shamanic training for therapists, psycho-spiritual hypnotherapy training and is the Pastor of Spirituality Church of Canberra, which is heart-centred and trans-denominational. To receive her weekly email, and stay informed of her trips, do email her at the email address above.

A warm invitation is also extended to any travelling mediums who would like to visit The Canberra Church of Spirituality as a guest medium on platform (every second and fourth Sundays of the month at 7pm.) The Church of Spirituality is the largest alternative Church in the capital territory of Australia.