International Mediums and Healers

Angela McGhee, Medium and Visionary

Angela McGhee is one of the most sought after and most talented Mediums in the U.K.

Internationally she tops the polls in the USA for the 'most believable psychic'. After her appearance on Living Tv's 'Psychic Investigator' series.

Angela has astonnished Police with her help in solving murder cases. She amazed scientists and historians with her detailed knowledge of historic events. Scientists were amazed at her remote viewing (visions) that they witnessed on a radio show via satellite to America.

Angela is a columnist for the UKs leading spiritual magazine 'Chat its fate' and a successful author. Her new book 'Angela's Angels' has received rave reviews!

As seen on BBC, LivingTV,CHANNEL4 and LOCAL RADIO, and has regular guest slot on USA.radio.