About Healing

How to Spiritually Heal Through Reiki

Reiki is a holistic treatment intended to restore the body's energy balance through the practice of laying hands on the patient. This ancient Japanese practice, rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the 20th century, is purported to help heal many sorts of emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances caused by trauma or stress, from depression to common colds. Reiki has been considered effective by some in combination with Western medicinal practices as well as with homeopathic remedies.

How to Spiritually Heal Through Reiki:

Schedule an appointment with a Reiki practitioner or Reiki Master. Treatments range from inexpensive to moderately expensive, but once you know what you're doing, you can practice Reiki for free at home.

Lie on the massage table and feel the Reiki practitioner place his or her hands above your body. Some say heat can be felt as the energy flows between your body and the practitioner's hands.

Experience toxins being released from your body. Reiki is said to release toxins that are blocking spiritual pathways, and by detoxifying the body healing may be accomplished.

Notice an altered thought process following your Reiki treatment. Your point of view on life may be completely changed, and you may feel more positive both spiritually and emotionally.

Ask your practitioner about attunement, the process of becoming a Reiki practitioner yourself. Even if you do not want to become a practitioner, the attunement can also open you up to a more spiritually complete Reiki experience.

Learn more about attunements and spiritual healing through The International Center for Reiki Training web site (see Resources below).